Why Race or Train?

What’s Your Why?

At first, the idea of racing was very foreign. A colleague, and soon to be a close friend, introduced me to triathlons.

I clearly remember my first triathlon. It was a crisp morning and certain sense of positivity filled the air. Being surrounded by all of the athletes was so uplifting. In actuality, I didn’t do the whole triathlon. I was part of a relay group. I was the cyclist. The race was a blast despite the two penalties I received for drafting. I know…I know…I should have read the rules. I just thought to show up and ride. How hard could it be? After that experience, I was bitten by the endurance bug. Each year, I would participate in a race. It gave me a goal to aim for and I became more consistent with taking care of my body.

Training was the Perfect Medicine

In 2010, my wife, Jody, had some medical complications. The dreaded “C” word was thrown around. She had been diagnosed with melanoma. This totally flipped our world upside down. Fortunately, the cancer was caught early. Regardless, it was cancer. Such a wake-up call as to how precious life is.

During this time, I needed to be there for Jody mentally and physically. I needed to be strong. The endurance world kept me sane and strong for her. I realistically trained so I could still be present. I soon began to understand that endurance training is much more than competing. It is a lifestyle.

Make Every Minute Count

So why do you race and/or train? Maybe you have just been bitten by the endurance bug. Maybe it is the perfect remedy to help you through life. Perhaps, training for a running race, cycling race, or triathlon has been an opportunity to train with other people who just understand you. You may not even be training for an official race. Sometimes we are racing against ourselves and have a goal of achieving a certain distance. Regardless of the race or goal distance, you are trying to achieve, my hope is to help you train efficiently and safely. Make every minute count in your training and in your life.

If you are interested in competing in a race, click below to get a cheat sheet with links that I used to find a race.