Realistic Training and Being Present

Our lives get busy. There is always something competing for our time. Work can get overwhelming. Your children may have so many after-school activities, that you had to start using your calendar feature on your phone just to keep track of your children’s schedules. It can get crazy.

So, if life is so busy, how do I train? This has been a struggle for me. There were times that I would go on a long bike ride feeling guilty. Thoughts, such as I need to be home to help out with our little one, Elijah, so Jody can have some downtime crossed my mind with every mile. I would be training, thinking of all of the work that has to be done. I felt so guilty. Jody never pressured me. Worked never pressured me. I pressured me. So, how do I train when there is so much to do? I don’t want to be selfish. Over the years, I found three things that worked for me so I can race and train consistently. Some of these things are in the 90Rev app to help you.

Pick a Race That Matches Your Schedule

After Elijah became part of the family, I had to train smarter. I picked a race that realistically fit my schedule. Sometimes, this meant sacrificing my goals. Fortunately, I have an incredibility supportive wife that understood why I trained and my desires. In the ATP app, it breaks down hours required to train for each race distance and type.

If you need a little help to realistically determine how many hours you have on your schedule, the ATP app has you covered as well.

Family = Team

If you are married, your spouse has to be on board. Depending on your relationship, train together. There was a year that Jody and I competed in a handful of half marathons. Such great memories.

Schedule Your Training

If your schedule is crazy busy, treat your training as a meeting. Put it on the calendar. Think of it this way. If you continue to miss a training session because you are just too busy, then think about how you will feel in a month. How will you feel in a year? Years pass and your things can get out of control. Your training and exercise is an investment. It pays off in the long run. Some of you may be driven to train regardless of the circumstances. Some of you may need a kick in the pants. Make training a meeting. I understand that there are times that you must focus on other obligations, but get back to training and don’t make bad habits and excuses. You’ll feel better in the long run. In my mind, I always want to be that parent that is present with my family and healthy to hike the highest mountain. I want to live, not just survive.

Have a Plan

Before creating the 90Rev app, I used static training plans that I would download. These plans were a good starting point. Unfortunately, the plans didn’t adjust to my body’s performance. Some people advance faster and some people require more time. Blindly following a static plan was a good recipe for injury. In addition, these plans focused only on the sport I was competing for but didn’t provide me a starting point for nutrition, injury prevention, tips, and proper mechanics. Everything works together. I needed a better plan. So, I decided to get serious.

Creating a Tool with a Physical Therapy Twist

I started researching and using my physical therapy knowledge to make my own plans. I specialized in endurance sports. I selfishly became a physical therapist with an expertise in endurance sports to help myself and my clients. After practicing in the endurance world for over ten years, I thought there has to be a better way. People would come to the clinic with so many preventable overuse injuries. Hence, the ATP app was created. I need a tool personally and in the clinic to help athletes. It was unrealistic for me to help someone just in the clinic and my family wouldn’t appreciate me never coming home because I have hanging out with athletes monitoring their training.

If you need a tool to help simplify training, give the ATP app a try. You can try it free for 15 days. Just click below and get started.

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