How to Avoid Boredom When Training Inside

Let’s face it. Training inside can be boring. It is a necessary evil during the cold, dark, snowy, and rainy days. Fortunately, there are tools to make your training a lot less boring. Below are my anti-boredom tools:


I have become a fan of Zwift. Zwift simulates cycling inside using your trainer and somewhat simulates running on a treadmill. You can compete against other people and do pre-designed structured. Zwift has done a remarkable job making training inside so much faster. I give a big thank you to Zwift for helping me stay consistent and not being bored out of my mind.

Hulu and Netflix

In our household, we watch very little television. But watching a show or movie on *Hulu or Netflix is a perfect way to help the time pass as you are getting a good workout. I typically use Zwift and combine a show to make the indoor session as tolerable as possible. This is also a great opportunity to pick the shows you want to watch. I don’t know about you, but in our family we often have difficulty agreeing on a mutual show. Elijah insists on watching a kid-specific show like Thundermans. Jody enjoys dramas such as This Is Us. I’m a big fan of action shows. Training inside not only helps improve your fitness but helps you get your entertainment fix.


I enjoy listening to music when working out. If I know that I have a cycling session that is all about power, then I crank up the classic rock. Spotify has been perfect service for delivering my needed endorphin music. If I’m caught up with watching my favorite shows or movies, then I’m rocking out to some T.N.T. by Dynamite using my Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth headphones.


Why not educate yourself and maximize your fitness? During the more steady state aerobic days, a podcast is perfect. Free education! The following are my current top three podcasts:

What are your anti-boredom fixes? I would love to hear how you get through those indoor sections. Leave your suggestions below and help out a fellow endurance junkie.

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