Who is This Steve Guy?

“When I first started to compete in endurance sports, it was overwhelming. I had no clue how to train, what equipment to get, and where to start. Early in my career as a physical therapist, a co-worker guided me into the world of endurance sports. I’ve been a fan ever since.”

More About Steve

Why Should I Listen to Him?

I’m a regular superhero-loving, family guy that got bit by the endurance bug, I was hooked. I used to run and bike for fun, but it wasn’t structured, and I lacked goals. I became interested in how to become a better athlete and how to safely train. I furthered my physical therapist training and began to specialize in the biomechanics and sports science specific to endurance training. The endurance world was a big part of who I was becoming. It became part of my lifestyle.


At some point, everyone endures life’s challenges. When mine came, endurance training was the perfect medicine to keep my mind straight. I realized how important it is for me to train. I became stronger physically but more importantly mentally. Training is much more than competing. It’s not just something to check off my bucket list; it keeps me grounded.

The Story Behind ATP

Adaptive Training Plans

As a practicing sports physical therapist, I had the honor of taking many athletes from pain and despair through a successful rehabilitation process. In most cases, athletes ended up in the clinic due to overuse injuries. I knew that many overuse injuries are related to poor training and poor biomechanics. These injuries are highly preventable with the right training and preventative care. The idea of creating Adaptable Training Plans (ATP) was born within the clinic setting.


In the beginning, the ATP app started out as YouTube videos and a bike fitting studio in my house. Then, with the help of an extremely talented group of software developers, it matured into an app that adapts with the athlete and provides timely education to minimize injuries and maximize performance.