Adaptive Training Plans for Busy People

ATP (adaptable training plans) provides busy athletes with automated plans to ensure you don’t just survive your next race, but conquer it. A membership to ATP includes access to all running, cycling, and triathlon specific plans, no hidden costs, no upsells. Each plan is physical therapy-based to minimize the risk of injury (from a real physical therapist!). Train solo or with a group without the commitment of regular coaching, attending a club, or playing higher costs.


We are all special

By using minimal data, ATP’s Performance Analyzer monitors your progress and adapts your plan accordingly. You only need a training device that measures heart rate, speed, and pace. You can also combine ATP with other apps to make it even more adaptable and feed your inner data geek.


What Do I Need?

In the ideal world, it would great if you could always train outside and enjoy the weather. Sometimes, weather and responsibilities make it challenging to train outside all the time. At 90Rev, we have been fans of training inside using Zwift. The ATP app includes structured bike files that you can import into Zwift. If you’re a *member of Zwift and have a few other gadgets, you are ready for the ATP app to manage your training systematically.


*Being a Zwift member is optional. In the future, the ATP app will also include Zwift running structured files. When Zwift adds the ability to add duration-based workouts, we will be ready to add the workout files.

Analysis paralysis

Data, data, data

When you are training, some activities are going to be hard (> 5) while others are easier. If you are about ready to race, your intensity should be < 5 the last two weeks prior to the race. This is a mere guideline. If you are a pro, then go get 'em.

The ATP app reduced data overwhelm and analysis paralysis. Your analyze pages are designed to be user-friendly and actionable.

Body Check

A Coach in Your Pocket

The Body Check section collects your training specs and serves as your digital coach. Many of the questions on the Body Check are designed for you to listen to your body. You sometimes need to think about how your body feels. Your training gadget provides great information and lots of data, but it should serve as a tool. Listening to your body is key when training.

Click here to give it a spin
Body Check
Nothing at all.
No pain
Feel Recovered?
Maximum recovery
Average MPH?



Endurance training comes with its fair share of overuse injuries. Physical therapy-based strengthening and flexibility workouts are included in every plan. Minimize your chance of becoming another injury statistic. Step-by-step videos guide you to becoming a stronger and safer athlete. Think prehap, not rehab.

Recommended Equipment


You have many options for pull-up bars. If you want a serious home setup with the ability to expand, then consider a squat stand. If you want minimal, portable, and inexpensive, then consider a pull-up bar that fits over the door.


SML-2 Rogue 90″ Monster Lite Squat Stand

*Pull up bar


When picking adjustable dumbbells, I have had success with Bowflex and PowerBlock. In my opinion, PowerBlock is a more solid choice but Bowflex is more economical.


*Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

*PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells


The plans included in the APT app are designed for someone with one to two years experience in recreational racing, with the exception of the “Walk to 5K” plan. This plan is designed for someone new to running. The following are the included plans at this time:

The following are the tubes and handles I purchased based on my strength, so I could easily combine tubes to overload my body.


Lifeline Triple Handles

10 lb, 20 lb, 30 lb and 100 lb Tubes






Your exercise program will require a step for you to jump onto when doing plyometric exercises. At first, you could use a step in your house or an old chair if you are not part of a fitness center. If you want to get fancy, the Stamina X Adjustable Height Plyo Box is a great choice because it is adjustable.


Stamina X Adjustable Height Plyo Box


When selecting a ball to use to work out trigger points, you have many options. Start with a tennis ball. If the tennis ball doesn’t hit the spot, then consider a harder ball, such as a TriggerPoint therapy ball or a lacrosse ball.


*TriggerPoint Therapy Ball


If you know you have a history of trigger points (aka muscle knots), then consider the TriggerPoint Therapy roller for durability. If you are new or find that you don’t need to use a foam roller, consider a more inexpensive foam roller made by Optp.


*TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

*Optp Foam Roller

The Right Fuel

Nutrition Guidance

It is difficult (and less effective) to perform optimally without the proper fuel. Your training plan will include a series of nutrition-based tutorials for endurance training.

Priced to Match Your Training

ATP pricing includes a 15-day free trial (no credit card required) and flexible membership plans ranging from a single month to a year for the price of 10 months. Membership includes ALL of the plans for running, cycling, and triathlon races.

  • $15/mo
  • $150/yr

Bringing App Together

Complete Training System

There are so many training apps. Each has its own strengths. Our strength is creating adaptive training plans. Strava is great at connecting athletes. Zwift creates awesome virtual training environments for cycling and running. Golden Cheetah is excellent at breaking down the data. Combine ATP with other apps and software to create the complete training system for less than $30/month. There are so many possibilities for the data geeks and those wanting to keep training simple.

View Everywhere

Mobile Responsive

It works on all smartphones, tablets, and computers. An internet connection is all you need.

Created for Athletes by Athletes

Creation Philosophy

The ATP app started out as a passion project of Dr. Steve Berkey. He had a desire to help athletes inside of the physical therapy clinic but also outside of the clinic. It is exciting to see this project continue to grow and we want you to be part of it. You guide each step of growth. If you have any ideas for the ATP app, leave us a message. The 90Rev team is not a disconnected group of corporate executives. We are athletes just like you.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by 90Rev. We are excited for you to be part of the team. Your membership and ideas are needed to create the ultimate online training for endurance athletes. We are a grassroots with a single founder. A group of investors does not support us. Our growth has been and will continue to be supported by founding members who believe in what we do, see the value in the program, and help us to continue and develop.



At 90Rev, we are big fans of Garmin. However, you don’t have to use a Garmin device to use ATP. As long as your training device records time, heart rate, distance, speed, pace, cadence, power (optional for some plans), and swimming strokes, you will be good to go.


Not at this time. It would be cool if ATP worked on an Apple Watch. Based on demand, building the ATP app on the Apple Watch and iPhone might be the next step. We are always open to suggestions.


The plans included in the ATP app are designed for someone with one to two years experience in recreational racing, with the exception of the “Walk to 5K” plan. This plan is designed for someone new to running. The following are the included plans at this time:

5K to 10K
10K to Half Marathon
10K to Marathon
50 Mile Bike Race
62 Mile Bike Race
100 Mile Bike Race
Sprint Triathlon
Olympic Triathlon
Half Ironman Triathlon


ATP is designed to be clean and minimal. It analyzes only the necessary data to make your life easier. ATP analyzes your distance, speed, pace, heart rate, power, pain, and intensity. These measurements are used to adapt your plan.